Emergency Repair Program

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Thank you for your interest in the Clarksville Neighborhood and Community Services Emergency Repair Program! 

All interested applicants must complete the application and provide all documents outlined on the checklist within the application. Please be sure to complete all of the questions on both the application and income questionnaire and sign both documents. 

The Emergency Repair Program is a federally funded program and qualification for the program is based on income eligibility. Please refer to the income guidelines for income limits. 

Repairs that are eligible under this program must be posing a serious threat to health, safety and welfare of the home or affecting the immediate livability of the home. The items listed on your emergency application will be evaluated to determine if they are eligible for repair under the guidelines of the program. Please be sure to include a detailed description of your emergency. Applications will be processed in the order that they are received.

Qualification for the program is based on gross annual household income. Please provide the following information with your application (for all occupants 18 years and older), as this will expedite the processing of your application:

o   Affidavit Demonstrating Lawful Presence in the United States

o   Copy of driver’s license or birth certificate

o   Authorization for the Release of Information

o   Right to Financial Privacy Act Certification

o   Deed to property

o   Most Current Property Tax Receipts

o   Most recent Signed Federal and State Income Tax Returns, including W-2 and 1099 forms

o   Last three (3) Pay Stubs for employment

o   Last three (3) Bank Statements (include all pages of each statement)

o   Most current Benefit Award letters (Social Security, Disability, Pension, Retirement, Child Support, Alimony, Welfare or other public assistance, Unemployment/Workers Compensation

o   Last three (3) statements of the following Assets (Investments, Stocks, Bonds, IRA’s, CD’s, Money Market, Trusts, Life Insurance, Real Estate)

o   Most current Utility Statement, include all that apply (Electric, Water, Gas)

Please note that your application shall not be processed, and assistance shall not be granted, until the above information has been received and you have been qualified for the program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 
(931) 648-6133.

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Emergency Repair Application

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